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ENGL 1080
Maria Broser

"Araby" - by James Joyce  This short story is written by the narrator who is talking in first person.  We are unsure of his name and age, but it says in the story that he attends class so he can't be very old, probably about 13-16.  The speaker is not addressing anything, but merely telling the story of his life, about the quiet neighbourhood which he lives in and the girl he has interest in across the street.  He does not mention his parents, but he mentions his aunt and uncle whom he lives with.  The topic of this poem is a boy's life, family, school and crush.  The theme of this poem is pretty much how far a boy is willing to go for the girl he is interested in. For example in this poem she wants to go to Araby, a splendid bazaar. Although she cannot go due to her brothers having to do something with a convent.  The situation/occasion of the poem is a boy wanting to impress this girl he has interest in by going
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