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Lee Baxter

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The Rocking HorseLawrencesetting is parallel to the yellow wallpaper home setting an obsession wthings strange relationshipsprocess is in background haunting presence sense of being chained down unlucky need money sense of claustrophobiaan unspoken secret throughout the whole story to hide to keep a secrethow does love function Cold and forced mother doesnt really love her children feels that she has to She had bonny children yet she felt they had been thrust upon her and she could not love them Nevertheless when her children were present she always felt the centre of her heart go hard becomes anxious at the end of the story for her sick son and his mother sat stonily by his side about commoditiesOedipus complex father has become absent in the family allegory relevant today she is constantly trying to keep up Basset was the officers Paul personal servant in the army daffodil significant bc it can mean unrequited love vanity rebirth hope chivalry sunshinedaffodil is the horse he chooses to bet on even thoug
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