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ENGL 2740 Lecture Notes - Glinda The Good Witch

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ENGL 2740

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October 31st 2011 Lecture
Wizard of OZ Movie
-details are left out
-solves their problems a lot faster than before and gives them different gifts than in the
-in book he puts the qualities right into their bodies not just gives them to them
-in the book it is emphasized that he is just a man when they find out
-power shift in the book, OZ feels a sense of danger OZ -> worthy/characters
-in the book it is easier to see that they have had their qualities the whole time
-glinda the south witch appears to worthy and sends her home, a whole adventure is
missing from movie
-in the end it was a dream and she wakes up in bed
-oz has self doubt
-he has a self-reflexive quality and understands his own limits
-even though he is weaker people believe in him so this give him power
-book makes him appear not confident
-portrayal of power
-he distinguishes between fantasy and fantastic uncanny (fantastic marvellous)
-fantastic uncanny is something that seem fantastical, magical, it stores up uncertainty
but give some explanation (dorthys dream)
-dorthys dream turns fantasy into fantastic uncanny
-what dorthy learned while she was trying to get home was more important than getting
-duration/order/frequency : order is important, the length of the trials they are put
through -gain meaning because it is put in a certain place
-in conclusion the words beauty and etc. come up a lot where
in the beginning it it not said
-order in which things happened we get different feelings
because of Glinda, Glinda's beauty starts the idea of beauty in
the book
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