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ENGL 3550 Lecture Notes - Czesław Miłosz, Max Weinreich, Adrienne Rich

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ENGL 3550
Scott Schau

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Lecture Wed. Mar. 13th 2013
-quoting and citing poetry on slide online if you are unclear of how to do this
―Di rayze aheym‖ The Journey Home
Biographical reading
-Klepfisz’s own exile to America
-loss of family, culture, language
-bold is not encouraging us to think of Klepfisz as the speaker
-there is a relationship between the speakers identity and Klepfisz
-speaker voices Klepfisz experiences but is not her
-create space between the speaker and the author, they are different
-―because I hear resonances of Klepfisz biography in the speakers images, I
interpret it to mean… ―(answer)
-trip to Poland in 1983
-see parts 3 and 4, especially
-we can hear the journey quite literally
-the idea of journey’s
-foraging new community and alliances
-Klepfisz enters the community of the dead to not just talk about herself but to connect
with ppl
Author, narrator/speaker, reader
authorimplied authornarrator/speaker
narratee/addresseeimplied reader (an non Yiddish speaking person)reader
Cultural Reading
Quote ―Language is the only homeland‖ –Czeslaw Milosz
-Klepfisz’s epigraph to ―Fradel schtok‖
Think if it: heym and home the meaning the same of course exactly but the shift in vowel
was the ocean in which I downed From: Fradel schtok
―Di rayze aheym/The journey home‖: ―One of Klepfisz’s most sustained efforts to reside
in language‖ (Shreiber 281)
-Yiddish: a ―language of fusion‖ (Max Weinreich, qtd. Shreiber 278)
-―Yiddish is the fading legacy of a world inhabited largely by ghosts, a diminished thing‖
(Shreiber 280)
-―poetry of cultural re-creation‖ Adrienne Rich
-the language is under threat as the land is under threat, it is one of those languages that
has survived but in a very tentative kind of shape
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