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Lecture 18

ENGL 3880 Lecture Notes - Lecture 18: Folk Music, Skipping Rope, Pin-Up Model

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ENGL 3880
J Schacker

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Thursday, March 15, 2018
ENGL 3880: Lecture 18
Folklore, popular culture, and children’s play !
-Final Assignment !
Worth 25%!
Research project component !
Essay questions will be released next Thursday, March 22 !
-First task for essay #1: make a toy !
Use materials that wish !
Interesting play object !
-Draw on questions thought about during course !
How used? How does it leave open certain kinds of play? !
-Might be interesting: process of making it !
-Creative use of available materials could mean many things:!
Using toy, making into something else? !
Materials made by hand or bought at store?!
Bring in for March 29!
-Documenting with notes and photos is essential !
problems? What is interesting? What did you use? What did you try?
Where did you think going to go o the rails? If something goes wrong -
document this !
Journal in order to remember little details !
500 words each !
Second essay question !
-Will work with our upcoming discussion of children’s material culture in museum
settings !
Purpose exhibition of own childhood !
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Thursday, March 15, 2018
What three objects represent your own !
“Black bear, black bear..”!
Objects that carry meaning in childhood? Doesn’t have to be store-bought !
-From last time: both folklore and play involve !
-Folklore !
-Much about present and past!
-About tradition and innovation!
-Children’s play!
Available resources may be !
-Material !
-Spatial !
Ex. Playing lobby in apartment building - dierent space = dierent play !
-Cognitive !
What we know, ideas preoccupying !
-Social !
Who is with us? What roles can take !
-What else?!
Cultural and media influence? !
-Cultural reference become part of repertoire that can reenact !
-What happens when girls play with She-Ra?!
Despite fact that toys are being marketed as new female toy - still enact
conventional female tropes !
-Bulger “The Princess of Power…” !
Super-woman syndrome !
-Larger cultural discourse, 1980s of female expectations !
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find more resources at
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