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Ignoring Safety Measures…Road safety: Failure to anticipate events…Chernobyl, Ukraine: th • April 26 , 1986 • “Routine” experiment attempted • Runaway reaction & Nuclear meltdown • 30 km dead zone, 10000’s casualties • Largest nuclear incident of all time • Poor training, design flaws and safety systems ignored or turned off • Canada has had 2 smaller incidences Failure to anticipate Events…Laval overpass 12:30 pm, Saturday Sept 30 2006 Overpassed killing 5 ad injuring 6 One hour earlier an inspector picked up concrete debris under the bridge In May 2005, overpass fully inspected and given a clean bill of health In 2000,another bridge in Laval collapsed, killing 1 “What is unfortunate is we built and built and built without thinking we’re going to have to maintain it” What is “safe”? What is the definition of “SAFE”? It is safe if the ‘risks’are judged acceptable • This judgement can be formalized laws/reg’ns • This judgement is not always formalized  you! The overriding aim is to protect public safety Resulting demands Placed on an engineer • It is arbitrary • It requires judgement • It requires intuition Hazard, risk and risk assessment: Ahazard is the consequence of an event • Disease • Natural • Technological failure • Accidents • Sociopolitical • Etc… Risk assessment: Weighing the risk vs. hazard (i.e. potential versus consequence) E.g.: flying (aeroplanes) What is acceptable? • New hazard information • Changing priorities Cost-benefit analysis • What is a life worth…a finger…an eye Asample of applicable regulatory bodies: National: • Health Canada, i.e., DeviceApprovals and Consumer Product Safety Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and safety • Transport Canada • The Canadian Nuclear Safety etc. Provincial: • Professional Engineers Ontario • Ontario Ministry of Labour, Ontario Health and SafetyAct and Workplace Safety Insurance Board (WSIB) • Ontario Ministry of Labour i.e., Clean WaterAct • Technical Safety and StandardsAuthority (TSSA) • Ontario
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