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ENGG 2100
John Runciman

Professionalism This report is being written as a professional paper and should read like one Front Matter: Title page • Should include all relevant group/course information (e.g. Title/subtitle, group members, course, instructor, TA, due dates, signatures, disclosure statement) • Professional reports require professional looking title pages Front Matter: Executive Summary • This is a short, clear, concise summary of the entire report • Includes statement of problem/objective, background, analysis of design, and main conclusions/findings • Meant to allow the reader to become familiar with entire report without having to read it • Bullets format/short paragraphs  convey a lot of info in a short place Front Matter: Table of Contents • Should include all major sections and sub-sections • Shows starting page number, not the range • Appendices also listed here • List of figures/Tables/Drawings/Equations should follow with Figure# and caption included Formatting • Need to have a consistent structure, format, and organization system throughout • References, font spacing, section numbering, page numbers, figures, tables, EVERYTHING • This includes a consistent VOICE to the paper so that it reads cleanly • Use the formatting system at hat is included in the WORD, it works and will make your life easier • Other programs can work but are difficult to use Figures • All figures have : • Labels-e.g. Figure 2 • These are continuous through the entire paper • Captions Adescription for the figure which tells the reader what is being shown- it must be stand alone AN in text reference Figures DONOT stand alone • Figures appear immediately after they are included in the text, not 4 pages later • If the figure isn’t required in the body of the report it can be included in an appendix • Appendices have their own figure numbering system(e.g. FigureA1) • Figures appear in a break in text, not forced to the side in a word wrap or outside margins • For graphs a title is not needed since the caption should give all required information Tables • Tables have their own numbering system separate from figures • Follows same rules as Figures(label, caption, referred to in text, appear immediately after) • Label and caption appear at the top of the table • Should be fully explained with proper headings, units, references etc. Drawings • Hand drawn images are still Figures, not engineering “Drawings” • Drawings refer to complete 2D or 3D drawigns produced in a professional program • Should always include a fully completed title block with title, drawing #, dates, produced by, scale (i.e. NTS), units, etc. • Most often included as separate appendix at end of report (can use 11’X14’) Equations and Simple Calculations • Equations are presented separately from text but should still be used in a proper sentence with
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