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Environmental Design and Rural Development
EDRD 3120

SEPTEMBER 13 THLECTURE – WEEK 2 - OCT = Governing body of the profession. If you are certified by OCT then you are certified to teach in Ontario. Created in 1996 by the OCT Act Rv.1996. Everyone must pay $140/year. Board and committees are elected (elected governance). - Regulation 297 in the OCT Act lists all of the do’s and don’t’s of the profession. Professional misconduct that is reported is investigated by an investigation committee. NEVER deliberately touch a student. All member can be looked up on the OCT register. Lenses: - LEGAL  A) Employment contract. B) Education law (OCT). C) Child and Family law. D) Copyright law. - CRITICAL  Look at the “taken-for-granteds”. Underlying assumption of the situation? o E.g. EQUAO hints seen as cheating/giving an unfair advantage to students. There is also an assumption that students can be taught and prepared without giving similar questions. o E.g. Touching students seen by OCT as negative, dangerous, and leads to sexual abuse. Gendered assumptions also. - ETHICAL  Dilemma over what is right. i.e. Touching students; what if the child needs a hug? Humanized relationships with teachers are encouraged. Always content-specific. Dual relationships blur boundaries and create confusion for students. - The OCT “Use of Communication and Social Media”  want you to use technology with students, but only professionally.  i.e. Exercise extreme caution with personal emails (they can be easily
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