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Equine Event Management I Notes

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EQN 2060
Katrina Merkies

September 11 September 11 2013152 PMWhat to ExpectRideau Carlton Racetrack Night at the Races March 2College Royal March 68Career Night March 12Medieval Festival March 22Promotion Project 10 Individual Design a promotional flyer for my eventHorse Show Plan 25 Individual or pairsReach Ahead Day Project 15Friday November 15103 at Guelph CampusDesign an interactive activityIndividual projectFinal exam 25December 3 8301030 am WBG New Section 1 Page 1 Planning a Horse Show AssignmentSeptember 18 2013201 PMAttendance numbersWhere and whenBudget Type of event influences attendanceSchedule of eventsAdvertising influences attendanceOfficials judges staff volunteers secretaries accountant ectEquipmentSponsors influences budgetBackup plan for emergenciesEntranceclassect Food and refreshmentsWashrooms Insurance Stabling dependent on type and location of eventEmergency medical staffPrizes and rewardsPermits approval by Equine Canada or OEFVendors Layout parking areas ring placement ectWhy Vision statementSWOTStrengthsWeaknessesOpportunitiesGenerate interestaFamous people create drawbThreatsInjurycWeather dAnother show on that dayeDetermine personnel1Set regular meetings2Assign tasks and deadlines3Apply for date with OEF or Equine Canada4Determine budget5Determine schedule of events 6Advertisingpublic strategy7Onsite food washrooms entertainment vedors8Prize lists competitor and officials packages9All info a potential competitor will get before show lists rules regulations accommodations deadlines ectFollow upevaluation 10Thankyou cards notes ideas for next eventNew Section 1 Page 2 September 25 Site SelectionSeptember 25 2013154 PMAdaptability of designAllows for change of use over timeTransportation to the siteInfrastructurePeople flow on siteSocial activitiesPolitical developmentCultural DevelopmentUse of mascots to represent cultureSports development Opportunity to raise awareness in the general publicStimulates interest in the sportEnvironmental developmentLeave the land in better condition than what you found it inHorses and people have a big impact on the landHave a plan in place to rejuvenate landEconomic developmentHorse shows can bring in business to the areaTourismBigger events have the opportunity of promoting tourism and the regionCostLeasing costs rules additional chargesPreparation stepsWhat Facilities Want from eventsFull calendarGenerate revenueExposureLiability insuranceLoyalty of event organizersWhat Event Organizers Want from FacilitiesBest rental ratesIncluded servicesGreatest freedom to hire 3rd party vendorsActive participation in success of event promotion customer databases signageFlexibilityFacility RequirementsTime frame for setuptakedownSeating planAdditional chargesCatering contracts vendorsEstimate manhours cost on labourMedia area sponsorVIP areaParking location staff parkingTables chairs phone lines internetCrowd control barriersSponsor signage New Section 1 Page 3
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