EURO 1200 Lecture Notes - Caspar David Friedrich, Napoleonic Wars, Protestantism

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25 Nov 2011
Mentioned at beginning of lecture, about previous lecture’s material
Nation as living organism
nations have inbound characteristics
a nation is like a tree
if you alter it, it won't be vital and healthy
germanys mission in europe
germany's purpose is to keep the peace among the european nations
its geographical location, right in the middle
Caspar David Friedrich, Chasseur in the Forest (1813)
Napoleonic war
Chasseur is a french calvary solider
in a german forrest, missing his horse
low chance of survival
is a crow, waiting for its dinner, when the solider dies
french solider is defeated by the forest of germany
symbol for the nation - forest
nation is a natural entity
trees close together, united
political message, the trees, the nation, is tightly united against the french
rooted having a history
Tomb of Hutten (1824)
Caspar David Friedrich
contemporary of martin luthor
rallied for protestant
symbol of a person fighting big super national entities
emperor ruler of multi national
one german, small heroic force, fighting huge thing
german patriots who would like to see a united germany
tombs of hut ten
young german patriot meditating over the grave
wearing 16th century dress
grave is in a ruined church
germany is in ruins
ruined gothic church
mistakenly gothic was thought to have originated in germany
so gothic church is a statement on german national identity
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