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EURO 1200 Lecture Notes - Charlemagne, Horatii, Greek Mythology

European Studies
Course Code
EURO 1200
Paola Mayer

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Art in Revolutionary and Napoleonic France
Art as propaganda
before media, you use paintings
political leaders would commission paintings
do engravings that you could circulate
establish revolutionary heroes/martyrs
death of marat
commemorate key moments
Celebrate N. as victorious, fearless general; as leader who will take France to
glory and prosperity
represent Napoleon himself
used to counter negative propaganda
Counter negative propaganda
Establish N. as legitimate ruler, heir of ancient/medieval emperors
had to be careful not to be painted in a way that disconnected him from the
previous monarchy (Louis…)
Jacques-Louis David (1748-18250
David, The Oath at the Tennis Court (1791)
Louis XVI had the third estate locked out
Oath by deputies of National Assembly not to disperse until have drafted a
King could have had them all arrested
They are behaving as heroes of the revolution
to be hung in the hall of the national assembly
to encourage those of the future, they will be inspired to have the same
never finished, the political scene took a turn
similar to the oath of horatti
figure with hand raised taking the oath
president of the national assembly
figures swearing loyalty, hands raised towards the central figure
alluding to the oath of horatti, same concept of loyalty to the nation, and
civic virtue
devotion to their country in the face of personal danger
presenting itself as the heir to the roman structure (democracy)
when presented it was hung under the oath of horatii
the french people, are witnessing this historic event in the windows at the
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