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Family Relations and Human Development
FRHD 1100
Robin Milhausen

Life and Well-Being (Nov. 28) Spirituality (and religion?) Important Distinctions Spirituality Religion Transcendence A specific system of belief about deity Sacredness Ethics Meaning Codes/laws Philosophy Religion • Specific system of beliefs about a deity, often involving: - Rituals - A code of ethics - A philosophy of life • Represents a special doctrine or a group of people Religions of the World The Nones - 1/3 of Americans under 30yrs. not affiliated with any faith Lori Beaman - University of Ottawa • The Baha’i World Faith • Buddhism • Christianity • Confucianism • Hinduism • Islam • Jainism or Jain Dharma • Judaism • Shinto • Sikhism • Taoism Canada’s 10 Largest Faith Groups Group Membership % of total population Roman Catholic 12, 800, 000 43.2% No Religion 4, 800, 000 16.2% United Church 2, 800, 000 9.6% Anglican 1, 200,000 6.9% Other Christian 780, 000 2.6% Baptist 729, 000 2.5% Lutheran 607, 000 2.0% Muslim 580, 000 2.0% Other protestant 549, 000 1.9% Presbyterian 410, 000 1.4% Spirituality Difficult to define Can include things like: - Connection with everything in creation - Belonging in society - Built on idea of a higher power or intelligence – a universal energy source - A personal relationship with a transcendent being - Search for the sacred or divine - Belief in unseen powers - Movement toward living an authentic life - Growth process that leads to the realization of ultimate purpose in life - Development of appreciation for the depth and expanse of life and the natural forces that exist in the universe Spirituality Common elements of all definitions: - Hope - Meaning - Purpose in life - Connectedness - Honesty - Compassion - Forgiveness - Rituals - Recognition of what is held to be sacred - Transcendent beliefs - Experiences that may include some sense of a higher power University students and spirituality - 16% of young people 15 to 24 attend a religious service at least once a week (compared to 37% of those 65+) - While many college and university students do not attend formal religious services, many are searching for spiritual well-being. University students and spirituality Studies show students with higher levels of spirituality were more physically active Why would this be? University students are taking mind, body and spirit classes like yoga - Take for physical benefits, but spiritual ones are discovered Students who engage in spirituality-enhancing practices participate more in a variety of campus activities Why would this be? University students and spirituality There has been a move on some campuses to integrate
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