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University of Guelph
Family Relations and Human Development
FRHD 1100
Robin Milhausen

Life and Well-Being (Nov. 28) Wellness Dimensions of Wellness Social Occupational What is different? Spiritual Physical What practice have you been able to maintain? Intellectual Emotional What would you like to change? Environmental What do I value? What is important to me? What gives my life meaning? Knowing your values, and then living by them, is one of the most powerful ways to gain inner peace and decrease stress. Understanding Your Values • value - a belief upon which one acts by preference - guide actions, give direction and meaning to life • discovering your values - leads to independence and self-direction Cognitive Dissonance • Stress caused by holding two contradictory feelings simultaneously • Results from situations in which our behaviour is inconsistent with our beliefs, values, or self-image Can be eliminated by: • Reducing the importance of the conflicting beliefs • Acquiring new beliefs that change the balance, • Removing the conflicting attitude or behaviour Sources of values - Our culture - Transmitted through institutions ie Religion - Our parental and familial influences - Our teachers - Our friends - Other environmental influences such as television, the internet, media Types of Values Instrumental Values: Terminal Values: Personal characteristics and character Outcomes we work towards or believe are traits important or desirable Ambitious A world at peace Open-minded Family security Capable Happiness Clean Accomplishment Honest Inner harmony Independent Mature love Loving Pleasure Polite
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