Week 2 Lecture

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University of Guelph
Family Relations and Human Development
FRHD 2040

Guest Speaker January 24 2012 3 Things area set ups should be 1 It should reflect the goals to the program or the lessons or concepts 2 Should cover developmental range of the children3 They need to be attractive well organized and fun Areas of Play y Dramatic play o Try out different roles work together communication problem solving together o Make it exciting to themo Goldilocks the bears what they would wear the ears what toys would baby bear playing with a picture drawn of the 3 bears o What would happen if baby bear had a birthday party invitations in the literacy center o Love acting out roles theyre familiar with hairdresser at home vacuuming going grocery shopping y Sciencediscovery center o Looking at ice how is it made o Any animals at any set up makes it exciting to themo Hexagonal shapes gluing them on a page trying to show how molecules look o The density of ice when ice melts in a glass of wa
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