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Family Relations and Human Development
FRHD 3070
Georgevander Merwe

History of ESM - Early 1970s o Csikszentmihayli did studies using pagers activated by electronic signals transmitted at random times o Syudied “flow” experiences How trustworthy are ESM data - Our subjective experiences are real - Allows inter/intrapersonal comparisons - ESM samples experiences randomly Applications of ESM - Experience of work, work stress, and work satisfaction - Experience of marital satisfaction, parenthood, and famly relationships - Experience of body image, eating disorders - Relationships between binge eating and mood - Experience of substance abuse - Affect during exercise and exercise withdrawal - Experience of media - Gender differences in activities and quality of experience Collecting data: designing an ESM study - Decide whether ESM is appropriate o Experience vs. global perceptions - Types of appropriate research questions o Questions about groups of persons o Questions about situations  Activities, companionship, physical location, day of week etc. Sampling - Appropriate o Modest sample sizes o purposive sampling - inappropriate o not comfortable with reading and writing o hard of hearing o cert
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