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Family Relations and Human Development
FRHD 3400
Tuuli Kukkonen

September 26 , 2012 Attending Behaviour and Person Centered Therapy Basics of Listening  Attending  Silence  Asking questions  Para phrasing  Empathy  Summarizing  Attending Basics of Listening  Visuals – look at client, notice their eye contact  Vocals – tone and speech rate, where is emphasis  Verbals – staying on topic, attention to what client is saying  Body language – attentive, authentic Visuals  Patterns of eye contact  Direct eye contact is a white, middle class, euro/north American trait o Can be bad in some cultures  If topic is distressing, don’t force eye contact Vocals  Tone and speech rate o Nervous – talk really fast and non stop  Clearing throat  Where is emphasis? Verbals  Verbal tracking o What is being said across the session o Changing topics  Is it because theyre avoiding it or because they have nothing to say about it? o Selective attention Body Language  Natural and relaxed  Cultural differences in personal space  Wolvin and Coakley (1996) o Shoulders and legs towards client = shows greater empathy o Open body position = positive
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