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Lecture 10

FRHD 3040 Lecture Notes - Lecture 10: Fine Motor Skill, Gross Motor Skill, Fast Mapping

Family Relations and Human Development
Course Code
FRHD 3040
David Green

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FRHD 3040 Lecture 10 Feb 27th
Parent-Preschooler Interactions
Prootio of youg hildre’s sese of iitiatie
- Role of children
o Endless energy and curiosity
o Drive to discover
- Role of parents and other caregivers
o Support adventurous nature
o Avoid inhibiting activities
Paretal otriutio to youg hildre’s self-esteem
- Parental support of behaviours that demonstrate sense of initiative
- Promoting self-esteem and feelings of competence
- Providing a context that facilitates positive self-evaluation
Promotion of Emotional development
- Conversations about emotions
o Emotional competence contributes to social competence
- Labelling emotions
- Acceptance of positive and negative emotions
Prootio of youg hildre’s self-reliance
- Assistance in mastering a variety of activities
- Facilitate delay gratification
- Fathers’ relatioships ith youg hildre
Prootio of youg hildre’s ogitie deelopet
- Symbolic thinking
- Preoperational thought
- Egocentric in their thinking
- Guided participation
o Important for self regulatory behaviours related to cognitive awareness and task
- Disussio of hildre’s strategies he orkig o a ogitie task
- Regulation of task completion
- Shared book reading
Promotion of language development
- Fast mapping (10-20 new words per day)
- Parents should:
o Verbal dialogues and answer questions
o Label new things
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