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Week 11 lecture

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GEOG 1220
Lorne Bennett

c_`[^[X Zb^[ZWZ`S_` OWW W[Y [Z`W`WV[ZSZ`cW_`W^Zc[^VcVW[X_ O S`a^W_WWZS_S\ SUW[XV_[^VW^Wb W`U O WZUW\^[Y^W__Ub S`[ZSUWbWV`^[aY`_`SZY S\ WU WS^ZYSZV\ [aYZY`W SZVZ_`^SY`^[c_ O ``W\`WW\ XWVTU[WZ`TO S \Z_W^WS^WXWc \W[\ Wc[V[Z[`\^WXW^`WTa__UWZW_[XUa `bS`[Z`[`WY^WS`W_`[X ZS`a^W_^[aY\^[VaU`[Z_ O _[Z[^`W^USZ`Sa^S ^W_[a^UW_S\\WS^WVZXZ`W!X[^`WX^_`XWc aZV^WVWS^_[Xa^[\WSZ_W`` WWZ``cS_`^a SZ"W^S[XSTaZVSZUWW#Y# `WS_`U[S_`U[V`W\ SZ_TaXXS [`WS__bWc`W\ZW_[X`WWS_``W WbWZTYYW^X^_[X`WcW_`U[S_`W`U# Wca^[\WSZ [SZ`U_ O Z S`WSWS^ $_SZS^`_`USZVZ`W WU`aS aZVW^Ua^^WZ` S`W^ STW WV`W"^[SZ`U[bWWZ`VWbW [\WVcUUS\[ZWV`W "_aT W]aS `W_[XZS`a^W`_TWSa`U[ [a^_W _W`U# O WZUWT^`[XSZ[Za` ^S`[ZbWc[X`WZS`a^S c[^ V#W#^WU[YZ`[Z[X ZS`a^W_Z`^Z_UbS aW& \W^_[Zc[S\\^WUS`WV`W_aT WU[a VZ[` [[S``Wc[^ VS_S\ SUW_[ W U^WS`WVX[^SZ__Ua_W S^Y^[bW((\# Wca^[\WSZ [SZ`U_ O [bWWZ`S _[S^WVT]aW_`[ZZY[X_UWZUWS_ # ZW\SZW^[XS\WZ[WZSW#Y# W`^a`_WZSbW[_``W^TWWXZ`WZb_TWSZVTWWbWSZV[\WSZV c[^[ZZ`Wb_TW&Z `WS`W^S `WWVS`W\^SU`US Z[``W VbZWSZV_\^`aS _\[^`SZ``[a_#S^ W"_YZ_[X`W_$( # _[a^UW[X\^[Y^W__TWZWX`W#Y# WWTW^`S`SbW\[cW^&USZSW[a_[c^W`UWV`S``W Y`[X VSc TWS`WXa `[[a#,[aS^WU^WS`[^Ta`S[a^S_`W^# S^ W W"X^SZWZ_`WZ$$ Wca^[\WSZ [SZ`U_ O S^ ]aW_`[ZWVa^TSZZVa_`^S S`[Z O _U`W_TWU[W_[ W \ SUW_[X\^[VaU`[ZSZVX `\U`a^W_]aW^a^S SZV_US\W_W#Y#`WZY _.SW__`^U`TWU[W\ SUW_[XZ_\^S`[ZSZV ScW WcW^USZ [SZ`U_ O S^[bWWZ`ZW^UScUcS_U^`US [X`WZWcUa `a^W[X S`W^S _& ^W_\WU`Z[`0SXS^W^_ ST[^___UXS^cW^WWbW^`ZYS_`_ \^UWc[c[a VUS^^`W SZV_US\Wc[c[a VUS^^_Y[V`[S^W`X WU[a VYW`SZ`ZYX[^&[Zc[_WXS^Z[`ZYY^[c_X^WW&c[_W X^a`_S^WZ[`^\WX[^aZ` `WS^W`a^ZWV`[V[ S^_# [^WSa "cS VWZ$ O [cWbW^ZU[Z`^S_``[a^[\WSZVWS S`[Z[X^a^S \S_`^[ SZV_US\W_ W^USZ[bWWZ`UW WT^S`WV`^a c VS^WS_SXX[^VZY`WZ`^Z_U bS aWSZV^Y`_& aU_`WU[Z_``a`[Z[XS `ZY_&`S``W\^S^X[^_S_`W_`W [aZ`SZ`W`^WW`WSZS YbWa_SVW Y`ZSZVX[^`W_W bW_ W^_[Z"S`a^W$ WcW^USZ [SZ`U_^SZ_UWZVWZ`S_ O WTS__X[^aU[X`_UW WT^S`[Z[Xc VW^ZW___`WWVX^[SZ Z`W^W_`Z_\^`aS `SZV`WVW_^W`[SUWbW`^SZ_UWZVWZUW O ^SZ_UWZVWZ`S __TS_WV[Z`WTW WX`S`SYW^_\^`aS `^a`W#Y# Z[cZYY[V_ ZWV`[`WZS`a^S c[^ V!aSZ_USZ`^SZ_UWZV`W^ S`W^S W_`WZUW`^[aYZ`W^SU`[Zc`ZS`a^W SZ[`ZY!S[Z S_[ `S^cSZVW^W^SZV[X`WZSbWWS^VWZ[X _UWZUWV_^a\`ZY[Z`W_aT6WU`[XS_a\^WWTWZY#a`SbWZbS^ST ^WS^WV`S`__Z`W\^[_\WU`[X`W_aT W_UWZW_[XZS`a^W`S``W aZZ[cZTWZYSZXW_`__W X`[`WaSZWS^`# VWS`WSaT^SZV $ O [bWWZ`US WZYWVbWc[XZS`a^WS_[^S SZVWb !Z_`WSV`WU` cS__WWZS_[^S c WZS`a^WcS__WWZS_`W\ SUWcW^W_\^`aS `^a` U[a VTWX[aZV Z`Wc VZW__XZV_[W`ZY[^WZWS^SZVU[ZZS`W`SZZ`W_`^WW`_ [^b SYW_&Z`Wc[[V_cW^W`a^Z`[^WS_[ZSZVXS` W^_[Z"S`a^W $ O WZ^SbV[^WSaTW_`Z[cZ[X`W`^SZ_UWZVWZ`S _`_Sc c VW^ZW__ZS`a^WS_W_[a^UW[XaSZbY[a^Z_\^S`[ZSZV_`^WZY` "`[ZUX[^`WaSZ_\^` c_`[_\WSSc[^VX[^S`a^WX[^ST_[ a`WX^WWV[SZVc VW^ZW__&Z c VW^ZW___`W\^W_W^bS`[Z[X`Wc[^ V [^WSaOS ZY$ O [^[^WSa`cS_Z[`WZ[aY`[bWcZS`a^W[Z`WcWWWZV![ZWZWWVWV `[ bWZ`WZUW_`^WS``[OS VWZ [ZV[a`_VW[_`[Z O a`^WWTW^_[`bS`[ZZ`Wc VW^ZW__WX[aZV [WY^SZV_W^WZW[^`S ZXZ`W WZU[a^SYZY`^[aYZb_T W U[\SZ[ZSZVcS WVc`# O [`c`_`SZVZY`W^_`SZW WWZ`[^WSaS_TWU[WSZV[ X[^ `[_Wc[_WW`[\^W_W^bW"c V_\WUW_`[VS W^USZ!"_W_W$[Z_W^bS`[Z [bWWZ`c&'(' O V`[ S`W$_X^_`_UWZ`XUV[UaWZ`S`[Z[X`WWZb^[ZWZ`S \SU`_[XaSZSU`b`T`WYW[Y^S\W^W[^YW W^Z_ S^_ $ SZSZVS`a^WOW^WbW^W\ SZ`___UX[[``WS^[ZW_[X ZS`a^WS^W`a^ZWV`[V_U[^V $WS^`S_ [VXWVTaSZU`[Z SZVcW ^Wb_WVWV`[Z[X SZSZVS`a^W O [W[X`W_W\SU`_cW^WWS_``[_WWS_c``_WS__[US`WVc`[bW^ S^bW_`ZY[XX[^W_`_9\[[^\^SU`UW_& O W^W_\[Z_W& [Z_W^bS`[Z_+ ^W_W^bS`[Z [Z_W^bS`[Z ^W_W^bS`[Z "O_WSZSYWWZ`_TS_WV[Z`WbS aW " ^W_W^bS`[Z[^"^Y`W[a_[bWWZ` [X`WZ Y`WZWZ``^SV`[Z _TS_WV[Z`WbS aW_[X`W[aZ`W^ Z Y`WZWZ`^SV`[Z S`a^W_S^W_[a^UW`[TWa_WVZ[` WaZbW^_W_Z[VaS _`US`[`S ` \^W_W^bWV c`S [X`_\S^`_Z`W^^W S`WVSZV Z`W^ [UWV [Z_W^bS`[Za_`c[^`[YW`W^c` WT
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