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Lecture 3

Week 3 Lecture Notes: Physical Processes and Models

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GEOG 1220
Richard Kuhn

Week 3 Review Physical Processes and Models1 The physical factors responsible for the creation of the Earths environment1 The earth is located at intermediate distance from the sun allowing the creation of the atmosphere The atmosphere controls temperatures 2 Abundant water supply life requires water3 Earths environment is oxygen rich2 The sources of energy at the Earths surface and how differences in the receipt of energy have produced differences in natural biotic and abiotic patternsExogenous energy solar energyEndogenous energy energy from within the system of the earthGeothermal volcanoesThe solar energy delivered to the Earths surface is not evenly spread over the planet Hardly any energy reaches the poles and therefore they are cold dormant lifeless areas The most energy reaches the subtropics and therefore there is intense surface heating and little precipitation produces deserts as there are few clouds to block the solar radiation The equator has lower energy intake rates than the subtropics due to cloud cover which reflects 3040 of the solar energy however there is still abundant solar radiation and when combined with abundant precipitation the equator tropics are the most ideal conditions for life In the midlatitudes it is damp summers are warm with high evaporation rates while there is limited heat in the winter and therefore the capacity for life is support is semiannual3 The composition of the atmosphere including the key constituents discussed in classAtmosphere 99 nitrogen 78 oxygen 21 and argon The other 1 includes carbon dioxide which keeps the temperatures stable Ozone which blocks harmful radiation from the sun H ions to create water and Condensation nuclei soothing for water to condense on 4 The key factor responsible for atmospheric circulationThe troposphere is the layer that holds virtually all the atmospheres heat and moisture and is responsible for the earths weather and climatic process including wind systems and hurricanesWe see a decreasing temperature as we increase altitude6 Examples of humancreated atmospheric circulation patterns
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