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University of Guelph
HIST 1010
Christine Ekholst

Nov. 15, 2012 The Early Modern World The Enlightenment Intellectual Movement • Many contrasting opinions • Important thinkers, French- Scotland, England, etc. • Pan- European, core is in Paris, France An Intellectual Movement • Questioning authority • Rationalism, empiricism- acknowledged by empiricism • Knowledge will lead to progress • Emphasis on education- not only schooling, but by gaining knowledge o Built heavily upon the scientific revolution Philosophes • “Intellectual” • Humor and satire an important element Francois- Marie Arouet Voltaire Voltaire (1694-1778) • Playwright o Scenes: changes over time • Constitutional monarchy vs. absolute monarchy • Philosophical Letters o Why Britain was better- political system far superior than France • Book was banned • Either in prison, fleeing, or in exile • Lived on the border between France and Switzerland • Introduce new ideas to a larger audience o Ideas of the enlightenment • Social and political ideas from the Scientific Revolution • Help from lover, Marquise de Chatelet o Translated Newton’s works into France o Scientific ideas in general- rationalism and principles of scientific inquiry • Voltaire an others- scientific rationality • Travelled, Prussia, Geneva • Published: Candide o Novel depicting adventures o Satire o Negative story- effected by an earthquake- saw devastation and loss of human life- “This is the best place ever- how this was how the world was supposed to be”- making fun of naïve authors-sheds life on interesting things- travels to the New World encountering slavery o No simple solution o Ending: focus on smaller things- the change cannot happen over night- saw change of the world • Challenge all authority o Always managed to make somebody angry • Admired religious tolerance in Great Britain o Greatest enemy- Catholic Church o Makes fun of church and priests- aristocracy and priest his main targets • Criticize church and power- its influence- especially education • Theist • Deists o Believed in God, believed he created the world- then disappeared- left it to humans to decide (God as a clock maker- mechanistic- starts the clock- then steps back) • Atheists o Can outspokenly deny the existence of God • World is controlled by physical laws- the laws that control humans Montesquieu (1689-1755) • The Spirit of Laws (1748) o Deduce human laws by studying all societies • Nature that changed the various human societies o Different climates that changed societies (colder- suited for public, warmer- lavery)  Nature has given them a vigor mind • Many took his thinking – Catherine II • More advanced society was, the more progressive it was • Advocated separation from educated,________, and ______ o Importance to keep balance o Used nature to justify political systems and systems of exploitation • Nature was used to explain phenomenon o Baroque- determined by nature o A Ruler in control of nature • English o Nature seemingly natural o Placed in natural beautiful spots o Deceiving- nothing natural of these gardens whatsoever- trees planted, lake manmade o Innocence and “back to the nature” o Boys taken from the city to the countryside • Humans could control nature- to make it better than nature itself • Idea of natural is created Jean- Jaques Rousseau (1712-1778) • Emile o Humans need to follow their nature o More positive than Voltair o Humans had a in born goodness o Saw the cities and intrigues at court as corruption  Wanted to humans to go back to nature to assert their goodness • Mar
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