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Peter Goddard

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Important People Jan Huss: Burned at stake for heresy; peasant; demanded that church receive both bread and wine at communion John Wyclif: Encouraged bible reading; followers = lollards Martin Luther: 95 theses against indulgences; Wittenberg Hernan Cortes: conquered Mexico; overthrew Aztecs Petrarch: Father of humanism; letters to Laura; sonneteer/poet King Henry VII: Emergence of Anglican church; Act of Supremacy Johann Gutenberg: Moveable type printing press Desiderius Erasmus: Prince of Humanists Columbus: Discovered “Americas” Ignatius Loyola: Founded society of Jesuits; educator Francisco Pizzaro: Conquered Peru; overthrew Incas Clicker Questions 1. How many dead in Europe due to plague? About ½ (2/3 = slight exaggeration) 2. What 14 century peasant revolt in France represented reaction against the power of landlords? Jacquierie 3. If you were part of the popolo grosso in an Italian town this would mean you were… Wealthy, comfortable, well off 4. Italic is… First way of writing; easily taught to children; characteristic of Italian urban schooling; good for business 5. Which of these mod
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