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Lecture 2

Week 2 Notes

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HIST 1150
Tim Mau

Week 2History 1150 The First World WarLecture 4 Russia 1917first communist revolutionWar lead to unemployment debt inflation was common War caused an economic meltdownat the end resulted in US becoming the only major power that was accredited for the war 1914Austria Hungary blames Serbiano evidence saying that Serbia was responsible for the killing Germany tells Austria that they have their backso Austria declares war on SerbiaAttack on Serbia would be a threat to Russia Serbia and Russia bffs so Russia mobilizedcontributes to an escalationst Germany fearing Russiaand Alie France Germany declares war on Russia3 AugustIs in between Russia and FranceGermany wanted to attack and defeat France through Belgiumthis broke the treatyBelgium new travel Britain did not want to sit on the sidelinesBritain declares war on Germanyth4 Augustth Late July to 4 August War ended In NovemberTreaty of Versailles Germany was blamed for the war and had to pay heavy sumsGermany is always wrong War was seen as a kind of feverno one wants it and then it
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