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Week 12 Notes

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HIST 1150
Tim Mau

Week 12 The rise and fall of the Soviet empire 194591y When the second war ended in 1955 eastern Europe had already taken control of many countiesy At first communism was not that popular and then grewy Communist takeovers yThe key role of soviet military power y Popular anti fascism and support for communist policies y Hugh setonwatsons three stage communist seizure of power 1 Genuine coalition 2 Bogus coalition3 One party dictatorshipy break the blue print of stalin takeovercommunist seizure of power ins yugoslavia czechoslovakia and the GDR ycommunist gives high degree of social class to its followersy 3 stage takeoverstage 1 communist worked with other govt stage 2 communist were running the show even tho it was called coalitionstage 3 the gloves came off and the iron fist began its ruley this model applies to poland bolgaria romania hungaryNote this countries as having weak communist partiesCountries except bulgaria were susspesious of russia soviet union y 1948 yugoslavia was banned from communist party for a crime of being too independenty path to communism was different in czechslov
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