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Week 11 Notes

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HIST 1150
Tim Mau

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Week 11The sixtiespolitical revolt and sociocultural transformation in the age of AffluenceThe age of affluence The economic miracle causes and results The emergence of consumer society cars television Youth culture and the generation gap in the 60s y The emergence of political protests in the backdrop of wealth Window into modern protestsy Idea of a time of economic change looked at a decade that promised a lot and produced rebels y Rebellion in the age of prosperityy Large parts of the youth majority turning on authoritiesthese protests left many of the older generations shaking their heads at the ingratitude of their childreny Generational divide that emergesthe western world went into the 60s with much prosperityin west Germany economic miracle in France 30 glorious years and In the USA the age of economic affluence houses in the suburbs the iconic imagesy Factors of why the economy grew so fast1 Cheap labor from underemployed immigrants cheap workglobalization drew from agriculture to industryKeeps wages low and high investment such as France with the Nigerian settlers
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