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University of Guelph
HIST 1250
Sofie Lachapelle

Cinema comes from astronomy,geology. Johnston developed photography. In 1812, he was able to record 12 images per second. In March 1895, they showed their first film. X-rays were discovered in 1895. Meiles tried to make projector. The idea used was nature of light. All the equipment of magic state was used. The camera can be used to make tricks. Between 1896 and 1912,400 films were made by him. He opened a film company. He got two partners: Gaumont et cie. Pathe-freres. Pathe frères and gumont et cie constructed 2 studios in france. By 1911, Melies was in financial trouble. By 1912, he is no longer able to continue as the public lost the interest in his stories. His grand daughter, she spent entire life in searching films for her grand father. Magic shows, magic theatres was a big industry in 19 century. In 1920s the talkies was introduced. It was a story telling age. History of cinema was used for profits. This is the complicated story about inventors, profits etc. Imperialism and Exploitation It is a diverse environmental society. Most of theAfrica was almost an empty map. Mortality rates are astronomical inAfrica. An explorer was sent but everyone died due to diseases.. 11 of his companions were alive. Mortality rate was high. The real biggest killer is malaria. Jesuits found that a bark from the tree was useful for the treatment of malaria. In 1830,French enteredAlgeria. Quinie should be taken after getting malaria. This made the death rates to decrease. Dutch from Java, tried to cultivate quinine. They should smuggle the seeds. They got the seeds from SouthAmerica. They dominated the quinine production market. Europeans tried to stay more and more inAfrica for quinine. River streamer and exploring by river was more easy for the Europeans. They established control over all the continent. Both science and technology is going to play a big role in this
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