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University of Guelph
HIST 2600
Rebecca Beausaert

April 2 2014 1. the royal commission on bilingualism and biculturalism a. more attention is paid to the unique history and traditions of quebec b. this commission is influential because it brings sweeping changes to federal and provincial language policies c. response to growing unrest between quebecois that wanted the protection of their language and culture d. cultural dualism e. leads to important legislations that come in in the 60s and 70s f. 1963 g. commission is cochaired by two men; laurendeau and dunton h. the 10 commissioners represented canadas cultural linguistic composition i. all spoke English and French ii. all business to do with the commission was conducted in both languages iii. first area of inquiry: extent of bilingualism in the federal government iv. second was role of public and private organizations in promoting federal cultural relations v. third was opportunities for Canadians to become bilingual vi. equal partnership forAnglophones and francophones was the guiding principle vii. commission comes to an end in 1965 when preliminary report of the findings is published viii. some weren’t in favour of the commission, the quebecois thought they were glazing over the important political issues of quebec and English thought the language was being forced on them i. findings of the RCBB i. francophones not well represented in the economy or in higher ranks of government ii. educational opportunities for francophone minorities outsie quebec not equal with those provided for theAnglophone minority within quebec (Anglophones treated more fairly) iii. French-speaking Canadians have more difficulty finding employment and being served adequately in their language in federal government agencies j. Results of the RCBB i. Educational authorities in all provinces except quebec instititute refroms and enw regulations concerning French minority education ii. Move to teach French as a second language with financial backing from the federal government iii. New Brunswick declares itself officially bilingual; Ontario greatly extends its services in French iv. French language rights in the legistlature and courts of Manitoba restored in 1979 (disallowed by statutes passed in Manitoba 1890) k. Federal department of multiculturalism is establishment and commission/department of official languages l. Official langauges act in 1969 by pierre trudeau i. Grants civil servants the right to speak both languages at work ii. More protection of francophone rights to speak French anywhere in canada m. Trudeau didn’t believe the claims that Quebecers were being treated unfairly but was willing to extend language rights n. Tells Canadians that one of his aims as prime minister is to create a just society with equality between French and english 2. bill 101 a. charter of the frenhc language b. intends to make quebec as overwhelmingly French as Ontario is English c. isn’t about dual language, its about the dominance of French in quebec d. limit the teaching of English in schools in quebec, and decide that all
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