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HIST 3020
Caitlin Holton

HIST*3020 Sexuality and gender in history- January 21: Thinking about sexuality Gender performativity Sex-biological category Sex as a verb, much more complicated Kinsey institute - study on sex as a verb (Indiana) 18 years to 96 years 94.8% penal vaginal intercourse Without make ejaculation 89.1 You touched 44.9 You were touched 48.1 Penile anal - around 80 People who said it wasn't- men over the age of 65 said that penile anal wasn't sex Sex as a verb- pre 1900 Sex as a verb related only to biological categories (to sex referred to identification of male and female) Sexual adjectiveAs in intercourse, 1700 Terms have a history and can't be used uncritically Need to remember we're applying modern categories But the past is not totally alien 1620s nuns that had dildos Normative and prescriptive How the acts were conceived Not just the language was different Ill matched couple (old man, beautiful women) Assumption that the church's views on sex meant that sex was extremely controlled Other view is that the era was like the Tudors (sex crazed) Similar to now as then? We can joke about sex today, but still limits on the sex (parallels medieval understandings of sex) Sex before sex Something that you did to another, rather than with another In Latin- to fuck ( futuo ) not as crude back then .. Or even today compared to our parents As something one does to (not with) participants are thought of as doing different things -whoever releases seed into the mouth is to fast seven years And whoever drinks a mans blood or semen is to fast for 5 years ----Emphasis on procreation, church's views on the positions (straight missionary is the only thing that's appropriate), no emphasis on the privacy, parts of it are very masculine, not strictly heterosexual, what about cumming on the floor Prescriptively and normatively heterosexual and procreative Penetrator-male-masculine behaviour Penetrated-female-feminine behaviour Deviations discussed in terms of sex Male/female- missionary Same sex- interfemoral (sex between the legs) The idea that a man would take on the passive role challenged the norms Summary- Sexuality understood differently today but still some similarities Subjective, normative or prescriptive Humour today William the 9th : grandfather to Eleanor ofAquitaine She was queen of France 1137 Queen of England Mother to Richard 1 lionheart and John 1 lack land -trouble maker Courtly love style Wrote in Occitan Shakespeare - Orlando and Rosalind Margery Kempe - be he nevyr so gret a lorde... My fete as sweetly as thow wylt Gabrielle d'Estrées and her sister in a bath Lately seen as homoerotic View onto something that should hav been hidden (unspeakable sin) Intimacy? In the 1600s, allegorical meaning that nipple pinching means pregnancy -she was a mistress and was pregnant, gave birth to a son **the importance of sex in premodern society, prevalent in life (joking song, condemnation, etc) Sex and sexuality Gun/man card ad Sexuality is the discussion around a set of actions and bodies This has a root in Foucault -1926-1984 French philospher Famous works- the history of sexuality 3 volumes long 1976-1984 The repressive hypothesis as explained by hipsters (google) Foucault- “Sexuality must not be thought o
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