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HIST 3020
Caitlin Holton

History of Sexuality and Gender- Codes of behaviour Chivalry to courtesy in pre modern Britain Assessment of source Strong ** = concisely paraphrasing the thesis and bounds of study (bonus points for incorporating analysis level as well) Generally avoid quoting from secondary sources Analysis level- Analysis of source Strongest- examination and assessment of evidence/argument; negative and positive aspects considered including information outside of the article (optional last part) Reflection on readings Strongest- introduction and discussion of your own ideological stance and how it interacts with the author Consideration of outside information Strongest- organic integration of ideas showing interest, attention and consideration History of masculinities Henry V Participated in the 100 years war Victor at the Battle of Agincourt 'Nor do older men remember any prince ever having commanded his....strength in the field' Henry VI Traditionally seen as the worst king of England and someone hi inherited 2 kingdoms and lost both -terrible because seen as pathetic Anti-chivalric? 1453- went mad, fell into coma Damaged his authority and the legal and financial state of his kingdom Did he enjoy being brutal? Society says no and he was therefore not seen as strong Proclamation of grievances 1450 Historiography of behavioural codes The study of history, historical approaches to a topic and changes to a topic over time Other disciplines call this a literature review Mini moments- gender history, masculinity, history of sexuality, history of childhood Reasons for historiography Norbert Elias German sociologist (the civilizing process) Claimed a dramatic cultural change in the mid 16th c. that transformed the chivalric feudal warrior into a polished courtier Obsessed with bodily functions- picking nose, spitting *idea of honour. Something that could be recognized and challenged ***proposed a master narrative about who we were and how we got there Premodern behavioural codes (big source for that) Chivalry Keen- an ethos in which martial, aristocratic and Christian elements were fused together... Ecclesiastical prejudice and priorities' Defining chivalry: earliest usage means only a group of horseman Early works established the cultural meaning of chivalry include 1. Ordene de chevalrie 2. Source from this week 3. The book of chivalry- Geoffrey Emphasize loyalty, courtesy, etc Grew up a companion of the future king James of Majorca 1263: began to have visions and dedicated his life to converting Muslims to Christianity Articulated a model f chivalry combining martial, aristocratic and Christian values in the source from this week Written after his conversion moment More Christian that the other early manuals of chivalry One of the first books printed on the printing press THE classic account of chivalry and knighthood His knight should be able bodies, good lineage, wealthy, wise, g
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