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HIST 3200
Katie Mc Cullough

Working class youth between the wars Part 2: youth unemployment 1. challenges to full employment for inter war youth a. the problem wasn’t chronic unemployment, its chronic underemployment b. back alley jobs (dead end jobs); unskilled, temporary jobs i. no social mobility ii. youth slipped under the radar c. adults were the targets of the national insurance scheme d. education was counterintuituive to social mobility e. 1934; lowered age of youth to 14 (must attend school)—government becomes aware of youth working f. fear by policy makers that these dead end jobs will create a more deviant class g. demand for youth labour because of the growth of distrubition networks h. price of youth labour is rising in relative terms i. concerns by offocials of an easy labour market j. increasingly blaming parents for the degenerate youth k. there is reform with a focus on youth education l. almost becomes a truism that youth should be educated and trained to become adaptive workers m. officials argued that there was a connection between youth unemployment and homelessness, criminal activity, n. arguments in the 1930s are the same as they were in the victorian era o. technical education was completely overlooked but it was what was need for children to move forward in specialized jobs p. financial limitations caused lack of technological education q. more children are going into secondary education r. drive towards grammar school s. 1930s, war cuts off ability to open technical schools, 7 out of 10 children are entering employment directly after elementary school at age 14 2. WWII and the official welfare state a. The beveridge report (1942) report on social and all
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