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University of Guelph
HIST 3410
Femi Kolapo

October 9 2013 HIST 3410 HIST 3410 Bantu Expansions, in Brief October 9 2013 MIDTERM: two sections, kind of quizzes we have been doing Section 1: 10 or 20 questions yes or no Section 2: one question requires explanation Story: The Khoisan were the first dwellers of eastern, central and southern Africa but they were absorbed, replaced and displaced 3000 B.C. Afroasiatics pressed southward - As a result of environmental factors, and ability to engage in production as well as an increase in population (why they moved southward etc.) o Displacing Nilo- Saharans 2000 B.C. speakers of Nilo- Saharan languages reached the Great Lakes of East Africa and later expended - Same reasons as above (to moving) 1000 B.C. the first Bantu- speaking started moving east and southeast into the area west of the Great Lakes - Moved as far south as Lake Tanganyika and east to Lake Victoria - They practiced late Stone Age economy of farming, hunting, and fishing (kept only goats). o Not iron - Linguistics tells us that they had communities beyond single farms - They had status groups - Were able to use stones to form different types of tools (Stone Age technology) - When they began to move they were not soldiers (no iron weapons) They is why the Bantu expansion story completes the history of the peopling of Africa (Movement: from West to East and South) How Africa was populated (due to linguistics, statistics etc.) Transformation of Bantu (people) Economy During their expansion, especially as they encountered southward expanding Nilo- Saharan speaking peoples, they acquired iron- working technology - Nilo Saharans already iron using - In the process of encountering other language groups they acquired this technology They acquired the technology of cattle and sheep keeping - They used to keep goats before they arrived in east Africa - Found bones of premature goats Added non Bantu neighbors’ crops and farming techniques to theirs Transformed their
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