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Anatomy Chart of Back Muscles Fall 2010 Semester.docx

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Human Kinetics
HK 3401
Lorraine Jadeski

POSTERIOR THORACOAPPENDICULAR MUSCLES MUSCLE ORIGIN INSERTION INNERVATION ACTION Superficial Posterior Thoracoappendicular (Extrinsic Shoulder) Muscles Base of skull Lateral 1/3 of clavicle Upper fibres elevate Nuchal ligament Acromion scapula SPs: C7-T12 Spine of scapula Middle fibres retract scapula Spinal accessory Lower fibres depress Trapezius nerve scapula Rotation of scapula – glenoid fossa up (lateral rotation of scapula) SPs: T7-T12 (lower 6 Floor of intertubercular Back-to-front muscle thoracic vertebrae) groove of humerus Thoracodorsal Extension at shoulder Thoracolumbar fascia (medial) nerve joint Latissimus Iliac crest (up high in the Adduction of humerus Dorsi armpit) Medial rotation of humerus Deep Posterior Thoracoappendicular (Extrinsic Shoulder) Muscles TPs: C1-C4 Medial border of Elevation of scapula Levator scapula, at level above Rotation of scapula – spine of scapula glenoid fossa scapulae (4) down (medial (Part of 4-2-2-4 Dorsal scapular rotation of rule) nerve scapula) Rhomboid SPs: C7-T1 Medial border of (along anterior minor (2) scapula, at level of surface of Retraction of spine of scapula rhomboids and scapula (Part of 4-2-2- levator scapula) Rotation of scapula – 4- rule) glenoid cavity Rhomboid SPs: T2-T5 Medial border of scapula, below spine of down major (4) scapula (Part of 4-2-2-4 rule) SCAPULOHUMERAL (INTRINSIC SHOULDER) MUSCLES MUSCLE ORIGIN INSERTION INNERVATION ACTION Lateral 1/3 of clavicle Deltoid tuberosity Anterior Acromion of scapula of humerus Front-to-front Spine of scapula Flexion of humerus Medial rotation of humerus Axillary nerve Deltoid Middle Abduction of humerus Posterior Extension of humerus Lateral rotation of humerus Inferior angle of Medial lip of Lower subscapular Adduction of humerus Teres major posterior surface of intertubercular nerve Medial rotation of scapula groove of humerus humerus Rotator Cuff Muscles : stabilize shoulder joint, holds head of humerus to glenoid cavity Subscapular fossa of Lesser tubercle of Front-to-front muscle scapula humerus Upper/Lower Medial rotation of subscapular nerve humerus Subscapularis Stabilizes shoulder joint Supraspinous fossa of Greater tubercle of Top-to-top muscle Supraspinatus scapula humerus; superior Abduction of humerus facet Suprascapular Stabilizes shoulder nerve joint Infraspinous fossa of Greater tubercle of Infraspinatus scapula humerus; middle Lateral rotation of facet humerus Lateral border of Greater tubercle of Stabilizes shoulder scapula, superior humerus; inferior Axillary nerve joint Teres Minor portion facet DEEP MUCLATURE OF THE BACK MUSCLE
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