LING 1000 Lecture Notes - Lecture 3: Stepfamily

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5 Aug 2017

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Couple and Family Relationships Lecture 3 Jan 15
Defining the Family
2 common methods:
1. Demographics - census or survey - controlled by our household living, therefore you are not
considered part of your family when living away from family home
2. Genealogical - considering the family structural history - broader range of family form,
looking at everyone who is legally and genetically related to you
Kingship Diagraming
male- triangle
female- circle
gender neutral- square
dead- cross through
marriage bond- equal sign
descent bond- vertical line
co-descent bond- horizontal line
divorce- equal sign with cross through
you(ego)- different colour
The Former Modern Family
Nuclear Family- father, mother and children living in one household
Family of origin, family of procreation
How common is this (nuclear) household family now?
-still the majority of households in Canada
Today’s Postmodern Family
1. binuclear family - two households ex. divorce
2. blended family - remarriage
3. the extended family - kin and affiliated kin
*video shown called “Census-Canadian families: then and now” - talked about statistics on
Canadian families since 1961*
*video shown on 2011 stats of Canadian Families*
Some Stats on Modern Canadian Families (Stats Canada Census 2011)
-67% married couples - which is a decrease
-17% common law couples - increase
-16% lone parent- no change
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