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Lecture 3

MGMT 4000 Lecture Notes - Lecture 3: Concept Map, Apa StylePremium

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Course Code
MGMT 4000
Ernavan Duren

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Seminar #3
- Google Doc work
- Poster making
- Concept mapping
Be sure to answer 6 research questions
Who, When, Activity & Timelines
o 1. Organizational strategy assessment
o 2. External assessment
o 3. Internal assessment
o 4. Performance assessment
Information Sources
o APA style reference
o Team’s Assessment of the quality and relevance of
this information
- Working draft proposal poster
- 2 weeks from now is presentation day
Format and visual impact
o You may use any size or format for your team
poster subject to the following conditions
o You must be able to display the poster on a wall,
a stand or it must be self-supporting
o It must be possible to convert all info on one
Proposal Poster Presentations
o Week of October 17-21
find more resources at
find more resources at
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