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Lecture 11

PHIL 1010 Lecture 11: Phil1010-march13

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PHIL 1010
Karyn Freedman

Phil1010 Monday, march 13 th Feminism Contemporary feminist ethics and political theory are diverse in premises and conclusions. Common ground: each theory is grounded in a commitment to ending the oppression, subordination, abuse and exploitation of women and girls. Underline assumption that against women and girls oppression, discrimination etc. exists. 1. Sexual equality and sexual discrimination Until recently, most theorists accepted biological determinism, the idea that there is a foundation in nature for the confinement of women to the family, and for restricting their legal and political rights. Foundation in nature that women are supposed to bear children and stay home. Biological function as breeders, women should confine at home. No longer. Today, anti-discrimination statues, yet: -lower paying jobs. Women don’t get paid the same as men. -feminization of poverty -household labor -increased domestic abuse and assault why aren’t they working? Most feminist believe patriarchy, male dominated society. The society that is built and designed by men will systematically exclude women (houses of parliament, washroom example from last week. Needing a women’s washroom near where the power exchanges happen) Sex equality legislation aims at a sex-blind society. Build a university but forget there might be people who needs a wheelchair ramp to have access to it. 1 stage: many of those efforts whether they are legal or social or institutional because they are conceived by man and build by man, women won’t look as good/ look less capable. (no law that universities have to hi
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