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Philosophy 2370 - Metaphysics Lecture 1

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PHIL 2370
Jay Lampert

Philosophy 2370Metaphysics Lecture 1 Metaphysics literally meaning beyond physics or beyond physical physics is the study of beingMetaphysics studies many aspects of being such as the nature of being the origin of being and the ranking of being In some cases some things can be considered as being more real than othersThe study of reality can either have ethical implications or no ethical implications at all One of the main questions in Metaphysics is is reality objective or subjective or better phrased does reality exist outside of our own mindsRealismreality is objective reality would exist without the existence of people or minds Realists are also known as materialists the world is material and exists separately from our minds Idealismreality is part of the mind without a mind to perceive reality there would be no reality Different takes on Idealism To be is to be perceived Berkeley Skepticism questioning everything how can we know for sure The world is an illusionNihilism there is nothing Critical Idealism
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