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Lecture 27

PHYS 1300 Lecture 27: Lecture #27 Physics

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PHYS 1300
Joanne O' Meara

1300- Sound Beats "interferen e of sound waves that occurs in music when taso waves ave Siu 1 iar, but siianti different frequencies beat fre Intens e Loudness cally from about 25 tfiz to 20 Etta huuman. audible freque ran loudness bjective. ntensity (I) booyective Sound power teed or received per unit area units, watts per metre squared Wluna) or Joules per second per metre squared C S /m2 y Saund entenstu (I) f power 13. ten More Sound Mens A A t are EL Summetr L Saund emissions pa es tted spreads out sewer Lally fro the ce -for "point'' source of ecouend emitting sym n au dire chans 13 the f emitted spreads out aner the sprmare surround,ng the source y where r is the distance to the scarce in Metres) tune Intensity away source Cry olvenges, with ncreasing distance Cry the source, I d
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