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Lecture 1

PHYS 1300 Lecture 1: Lecture #1 Physics

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PHYS 1300
Joanne O' Meara

Sept. 12. Kinem Scalar vs. vector scalar a quanhty Heat has tude but direction be Speed and a directan Vec to a QManhty that has a ma trex veloc acceenotno Th vectors is dfferent u hen de art compared with scab s an vs. displacement brar Cto. Ex, start k to bookstore (20 m) k to k back the uc (Gum) total distan 2O toO 2 O total displacement end print Be same as start Posti dusplacement a vector quantity -arith is not ttua. same brdusplacement indicaes the chan in Posch from Start on tta e final point SC this example start are tter tire, displacanuent E Zero at the same p Q An object ae port space to ano-for. Af ter r arr at rts deshraton the magnitude or its displacenuent is a) either greater Dreya to or equal to b) alu e) a smalear than racer tha Ayalways smalkar or larer than always to the distance tho obiect travelled 1D Kinematics ball it falls back. Study of Motion "necessary parameters Scalar h dspacement-vector overage speed defined as rate of change istance baverage velocity-defined as role of change. Ex Drag race finish line is YB mile wes of stre line. 201.2 m) Drive 943 seconds What is thu a Displacement of driv end race 2.01.2 (relative to start line) Average spend zaistanca Hime. 21.3 verage velocit distan Fame 201.2 m West) /9.43 s 21.3 m/s Lwest Ex After ra g drver returns to start line. 75 seconds a Total distance caered frum beginning of race 201.2 2 SAMAR. -t02.ym start pts start line d positi c Ave speeci aerau total ais tance /tettel firme elaosed 402. utm Q.43 s -t 75 s Avera travelled per second over a certain fme. od (but Obect's speed may differ fro rstantaneous speed obect's speed at a ular moment placement byect's velux ity at a partcutar moment. Ey. Truck travels 80 km/h for 30 mns, then 60 km/h -fo S hrs. Ca ate. w/ 2 S a Total distanée travelled average s time 30 km. Average speed total distance Hotal time 30 km 2 lo5 km/h Ex, A safe distane is 2.0s from r car to the alwac A Determine this distance if the spead of your car s 25 mise MAS distance z speed time 25 D car r Arm Ey driver ses emergency w/ O.2os recactan time car maintans uniform time Lior
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