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Lecture 7

POLS 2200 Lecture Notes - Lecture 7: Neoclassical Realism, Arab Spring

Political Science
Course Code
POLS 2200
Cindy Clarke

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POLS2200 International Relations 09/29/16
Oaa’s Foreig Poliy – Iside Obaa’s White House
What views guide Obama during his time in office?
Teporaril optiisti
Wants to end mission in Iraq
o Fi proles aused  Bushs adiistratio i Ara “prig
Went to Egypt to launch a new relationship with the Arab world
o Wants to show the US have a stake in the Muslim world
o Underscored that long-term stability and growth and success, they had to be more
responsive, open to the wants and needs of their citizens
Tried to urge Egpts president (Mubarak) to step down following Arab Spring protest
o Suggested that he announce that he is going to step down, creation of transitional
government that would rule until a new one was formed
o He agreed to do what the US had asked, but his speech announcing it did not cut it
Distinction between secretaries Clinton and Gates and the younger advisors
President gave him one last chance to resign before pushing for it
o For the sake of his country, he needs to step down now (not at end of term)
o Mubarak told Obama he had a better handling on the Middle East than Obama did
o Orderly transition is needed in Egypt
Generals in Egypt refused to choose between president and protesters
Supreme council of armed forces met without president for first time in Egypt
o The process of transition is underway and the president will soon be leaving Cairo
doest eessaril ea he is steppig do
o Finally stood down and left 2011
Arab Spring swept across region in Libya
o Inspired by Egypt and Obama, but did not have the same approach
o Gadhafi would take more force to get rid of
“or to protet ad guide  atio – realist?
Aeria aot at aloe – liberal?
International community had to act to take care of Libya
International coalitions coming together to create a no-fly zone in Libya to protect the people of
o Militar atio OKd  Oaa – wanted to avoid, but unavoidable
Allied campaign took 7 months
Gadhafi was captured and shot euphoria short lived however
o Opposition group pushed aside, country descended into anarchy
o uderestiated eed to oe i full fore he Gadhafi as killed
Reply to whether they intervene militarily - Do e hae a aser the da after?
Arab Spring in Syria became civil war
o Chemical weapons/massacre caused Obama to take action
o Had to esure these attaks ouldt e repliated ad a sigifiat prie for Hassa
regime to pay for this
Strikes began in Syria from US a week later
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