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U OF GPOLS 2300Scott SchauFall

POLS 2300 Lecture Notes - Italian Canadians, French Community Of Belgium, Six Nations Of The Grand River

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13 Oct 2012
1 their movements to the public authorities ( brought to canadians, more so americans after september 11th. State & government: the existence of the st
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U OF GPOLS 2000Frank CameronFall

Lecture Notes

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14 Dec 2011
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U OF GPOLS 2200Mark YanisziewskiFall

POLS 2200 Lecture Notes - Totalitarianism, Che Guevara, Strategic Missile Troops

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26 Nov 2012
A way of coherently linking a descriptive element (what happened) with an analytical component (why things happen) and usually a normative or prescript
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U OF GPOLS 2300Tamara SmallFall

Chapter Summaries

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14 Dec 2011
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U OF GPOLS 3440Geoff StevensFall

POLS 3440 Lecture Notes September - November.

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3 Nov 2012
Make sure whoever is accountable is answerable to their public and electors. Public protection against corruption in government rests on two principles
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U OF GPOLS 3270Tim MauWinter

POLS 3270 Lecture Notes - Lecture 1: Centre Wellington, Ontario, Regional Municipality, Police Services Act Of Ontario

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19 Feb 2016
Places to grow act 2005: government actually paid attention to places that where growing and are trying to nd the most cost effective ways to grow. Gue
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U OF GPOLS 2000Theresa LeeWinter

POLS 2000 Lecture 2: POLS2000

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9 Mar 2017
As a mode of inquiry political theory focuses on values and principles that inform politics. Political theorists are most concerned with the normative
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U OF GPOLS 2250Nanita MohanWinter

POLS 2250 Lecture Notes - Public Administration, New Public Management, Mary Parker Follett

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10 Mar 2014
Increasing government activities at provincial, federal, and municipal levels. Two main areas are provision of services and enforcement of regulations.
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U OF GPOLS 3270Tim MauWinter

POLS 3270 Lecture Notes - European Cooperation In Science And Technology

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10 Feb 2014
Two main sources of revenue: own source. Property taxes: various classes of property. 85% of revenues up from 49% in. Governments (cid:0) other sources
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U OF GPOLS 3370Ajay SharmaFall

POLS 3370 Lecture Notes - Underfunded, Municipal Solid Waste, Paradigm Shift

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8 Dec 2013
Public perceptions and the impact of the media. Individuals and groups vying for attention of public officials and policy makers. Policy agenda voter p
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U OF GPOLS 3300Charmain DerferdFall

POLS 3300 Lecture Notes - Lecture 3: Street Racing, Criminal Code (Canada), Criminal Negligence

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14 Apr 2015
Monday, september 22nd 2014 sunday, september 28th 2014. Week 3: mewett, the canadian criminal code, 1892 1992 read, legislative summary of bill c-19,
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U OF GPOLS 3440David McdonaldWinter

POLS 3440 Lecture Notes - Lecture 2: Canada Steamship Lines, Gerda Munsinger, Sinclair Stevens

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5 Apr 2017
Patronage and conflicts of interests are the two most prevalent forms of services rendered or anticipated. Both real and apparent conflicts should be a
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