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Lecture 18

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PSYC 1000
Lisa Giguere

Personality part 2 Thursday, November 8 2012 1) what is a trait based approach to personality?  Is there a way to conceive of personality as observable styles/traits?  Trait: an enduring quality that makes a person tend to act in a certain way 2) What is a socio-cognitive perspective on personality?  How do we interpret and respond to external events?  How do our memories, expectations, schemas, influence our behavior patterns? 3) how does personality modulate the impact of stress?  A stressor is an event (unique or chronic) which we appraise as threatening  Stress reaction refers to any emotional and physical responses to the stressor such as rapid heartbeat, elevated cortisol levels, and crying Clusters of traits  18000 words describe personality traits  factor analysis  Catelli 16 factors  2 dimensions  unstable, stable, extraverted and introverted axis of personality  not determined that we need 5 axis to classify the 18000 traits The Big five personality factors Openess variety nonconformity Conscientiousness discipline pursuit of goals Extraversion drawing energy form others, sociability Agreeableness helpful, trusting, friendliness Neuroticism anxiety, insecurity, emotional instability  traits do not often change over time  traits can help predict behavior but not definitively  are traits learned or genetic? Assessing traits with questionnaires  personality inventory  questionnaires assessing many personality traits by asking which behaviours and responses the person would choose  Myers briggs type indicator. Minnesota multiphasic p
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