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PYSCHOLOGY SEMINAR: Is Gaming The Solution.docx

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Benjamin Giguere

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PYSCHOLOGY SEMINAR is there an identity crisis for boys? is gaming the solution? Discussion Starters o is there an identity crisis for boys as Ali Carr-Chellman argues? o what is the nature crisis that Ali Carr-Chellman talks about?? o do you agree that the nature of the crisis is how she depits it? o how does it fit with Erikson’s model of social development?? o hint: reflect on “competency vs. inferiority” and “identity vs. role confusion” o how much effectiveness do you think Ali Carr-Chellman’s gaming approach will have? o how wide spread can it be implemented? o practically, what do you think it could look like? o can you think of other approaches that could be used to address an identity crisis in boys?  everyone learns in their own way; teachers/ parents have to find out what makes children tick and go from there  out of sync: (1) zero tolerance; (2) fewer male teachers (14%-7%; 93% are women); (3) compression of curriculum Erikson’s Model Competency vs. Inferiority  Important Event: School  6-11 yrs  School and social interaction are important  vital to self-confidence  social interactions = develop a sense
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