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PSYC 1000
Dan Meegan

November 29, 2012 Module 52 & 54: Psychological Disorders, Part III: Psychological & Biomedical Therapies Major Depressive Disorder (MDD) o global: my stupidity affects - major depressive disorder is not just one everything I do of these symptoms - result: hopelessness/pessimism - it is one or both of the first two, plus Cognitive view of MDD three or more of the rest - pre-existing NES + failure  MDD o depressed mood most of the day, - evidence: new university students and/or o pessimistic thinking style: 17% o markedly diminished interest or developed MDD pleasure in activities o optimistic thinking style: 1% o significant increase or decrease in developed MDD appetite or weight Cognitive view of MDD o insomnia, sleeping too much, or - caveat: chicken-egg problem disrupted sleep - nevertheless, even if NES is an effect o lethargy, or physical agitation rather than cause, there could be benefits o worthlessness, or of treating NES excessive/inappropriate guilt Cognitive Therapy o daily problems in thinking, - teach people new, more constructive concentrating, and/or making ways of thinking decisions - before therapy o recurring thoughts of death and o this exam’s probably going to be suicide impossible Therapy o I’m so nervous I’ll forget everythi
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