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PSYC 1000
Dan Meegan

PSYC*1000 video documentary – Week 8 Topic: Development National Geographic Explorer Science of Babies Aired on National Geographic Channel in 2007 Companion website: science-of-babies/ Segments: 1. Why are humans born at 9 months gestation? • Given the helplessness of newborn humans, why aren’t we born later? • Fetus ourside the womb, larger brains relative to body size, big head through small birth canal, fit is tighter than in quadreapeds. 2. Innate mechanisms for newborn-mother attachment: • In what ways do the newborn visual and auditory system seem tuned for the recognition of the mother? • Can recongize mothers voice from inside womb, can ony see far enough to a nursing mothers face 3. Reflexes: • Why does the walking reflex disappear after about 6 weeks? • The muscles are not strong enough to move the now largely grown legs 4. Numeracy: • Babies look longer at something that is _surprising and interesting ________? • At which of the following do 4 and 6 month old babies look longer: (1+1=1) or (2-1=1)? • 1+1 = 1 5. Growing and pruning of neural connections: • True or false: The brain doubles in size in the first year because new neurons are being grown? False, adding more connections • Who has the most neural connections: newborn, 6 month old, or 6 year old? a 6 year old • What is the mechanism by which connections are pruned? E
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