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PSYC 2310
Saba Safdar

Thursday, January 9, 2014▯ PSYC*2310▯ ▯ Four ONLINE QUIZZES▯ - readings available Monday, quiz opens Wednesday, quiz due Friday @ midnight▯ ▯ - Quiz 1 due on Feb 7 before midnight ▯ - Quiz 2 due on Feb 28 before midnight▯ - Quiz 3 due before March 21 before midnight ▯ - Quiz 4 due before March 28 before midnight▯ ▯ Introducing Social Psychology (Chapter 1)▯ ▯ - “man is by nature a social animal” (Aristotle)▯ - we cannot live by ourselves, need each other to function, few can live in isolation ▯ - social psychology: try to understand threads that connect us, why we want to explain other people’s behaviour, why do we care?▯ - social psychology:▯ - social thinking ▯ - social influence▯ ▯ social relatedness: how we connect/attachment, prejudice, rejection, uniformity▯ What is Social Psychology?▯ - the scientific study of the way in which a person’s thoughts, feelings, and behaviour are influenced by the real or imagined presence of other people (Allport, 1985)▯ - use scientific method (different from philosophy)▯ - emphasis on an individual▯ - study the influences (on and from someone)▯ ▯ What is Science?▯ - a field must adopt a set of values and methods to be considered a scientific field:▯ - three of these values are:▯ - accuracy (measure human behaviour)▯ - objectivity (personal bias does not impact the results, measure a concept without personal input)▯ - skepticism (willing to let go findings that were a reflection of the reality, now there are new perspectives, cannot be replicated)▯ - scientific method is systematic observation, description, and measurement ▯ ▯ Practice Quiz:▯ ▯ Social psychology differs fro philosophy because social psychology:▯ a) measures a wide variety of attitudes▯ b) is concerned with individuals ▯ c) is empirical ▯ d) focuses on how social situation affects people▯ ▯ History of Social Psychology▯ - the scientific study of social psychology developed at the end of the 19th century ▯ - Normal Triplet was one of the pioneers (do cyclists cycle faster against others? or against the clock? —- against others)▯ - affect of others on behaviour ▯ - Floyd Allport wrote an important book on interaction of individual in their social contexts ▯ - “Social Psychology”▯ - WWII increased research in social psychology ▯ - surge of research▯ - know why the Nazi’s were capable of committing genocide▯ ▯ Some Major Contributions to Social Psychology (1930-1960) **KNOW THESE PEOPLE**▯ ▯ - Gordon Allport▯ - prejudice, establishment of the society for the Psychological Study of Social Issues▯ - Muzafer Sherif▯ - experiment research on social influence ▯ - Kurt Lewin▯ - action re
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