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Saba Safdar

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Persuasion Principles of Social Influence Method of InvestigationControlled experiment oAdvantage provides context for addressing whether or not an effect is real and which theoretical account explains it you are able to manipulate variables and control the variables you want to study oDisadvantage Eliminates other sources of influence there are a range of variables that influence your behavior Participant Observation oResearcher becomes an observer and participant of the situation and learn the dynamic of the setting Six Principles of Social Influence Robert Cialdini found that the key to successful influence is what we do before attempting to influence oHe learned how to breatheIf you learn to hold your breath for long periods of time then you can learn how to give a whole skit of information in one breath without being interrupted First Principle oReciprocation Anthropologists argue that no society on earth that does not follow this principle humans understand and follow reciprocation complying with a request of someone who has previously provided a favor when it is not reciprocateddepression and low selfesteemS
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