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University of Guelph
PSYC 2310
Saba Safdar

17012012PSYCH 1200The scientific method y Step 1 review existing theories o TheoryA set of ideas that can explain the phenomenon of interestMust be testable o ExampleYou notice that 2 of your friends are good musicians and mathmeticiansTheory music training facilitates math skills y Step 2 formulate a hypothesis o HypothesisA specific prediction about how the variables in question are associated o Operational definitionsVery specific explanations of behaviour or variable o Example3 years of musical training on a violin between the ages of 5 and 8 will rdresult in higher math grades in 3 grade than no musical training between 5 and 8 y Step 3 how to test the hypothesis o Need to ensure ps in music group are no different from nonmusic in all aspects except for the presence or absence of musical training o Specifics of how to execute the studyHow many participantsHow many groupsHow will you measure math skill y Step 4 data collection o Needs to be done empirically scientific objectivelywithout biases o Operational definitions help ensure that youre measuring what you think youve measured y Step 5 analyze data using stats o If hypothesis was not supportedGo back and change or fix hypothesis or research methods o If hypothesis was supportedInspect data and research methods for any possible mistakesConsider alternative explanations for results y Step 6 report findings o Written publication research journal andor presentation at a conference
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