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Lecture 16

PSYC 2740 Lecture 16: Lecture 16 - March 23

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PSYC 2740
Lewis Stephen

Culture Personality Culture Personality Culture: o Local within group similarities o Between group differences Collectively referred to as cultural variation 3 approaches to culture Evoked culture Transmitted culture Cultural universals Evoked culture Considers culture by focusing on phenomena that are triggered in different ways by different environments Difference in environments trigger differences in traits 2 key parts o Universal underlying mechanism o Environmental differences in how mechanism is activated Evoked cooperation Example: food supply Cultural differences in degree to which groups share o High variance more (food) sharing Evoked mating strategies Impulsivity Early Reproduction o Harsh, inconsistent childcare o Erratically provided resources o Marital discord Evoked Culture: Impact on mating China o Marriages lasting; parents invest in children higher value on chastityvirginity Sweden o Divorce more common; children born outside of marriage lower value on chastityvirginity Mating strategies may be differentially evoked in different cultures o Yields enduring cultural differences in mating strategies Honors, Insults, Evoked Aggression Insults o Offensive public challenges that are met with confrontation physical aggression o Underlying assumption: All humans have capacity to develop sensitivity to insults thus a capacity to respond with violence All have the same underlying mechanism, changes depending on the environment Honor, Insults, Evoked Aggression in the US Northern (herding) USA vs southern USA (agriculture)
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