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PSYC 3100
Hank Davis

PSYC 3100 – Week 8 Lecture 14 – October 31 “Bell Curve” Justification - Most of the people you meet at university will be most of the people you meet in your lives – tend to be smarter than average people - If you are working in strictly labour/unemployed and hanging out in a government agencies or places like that – you will meet people like you o 100% accurate? Of course not, but for the most part o It is rare that we hang out with people with less intelligence than us - Women are the choosy sex Chapter 10 - Health – evolutionary medicine, Aesthetics, and Pets - “Petty” addictions are not so petty at all o E.g. Nicotine, Caffeine, Alcohol  Serious no-nonsense addictions, if you smoke – you‟re a drug addict, etc. o You‟re a fortunate junkie – you can go to the LCBO and buy booze, you can go to a convenient store and buy cigarettes, and you can go to any coffee shop and get a cup of coffee o „Gateway addictions‟  concern that you shouldn‟t smoke marijuana, pot would lead to heroin addiction or other drugs  New gateway – marijuana may lead to nicotine addiction, and that is serious problem o 2 groups of people – those who don‟t smoke, and those who are trying to quit - Roughly 1 in 5 North Americans smoke, roughly 4 in 5 NAs in prison smoke, roughly 4 in 5 NAs in treatment for drug addiction smoke, Roughly 4 in 5 NAs living on street smoke o What is the cohort? Addicts tend to hang out with addicts, it‟s rare that a smoker and a non-smoker that could be r
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