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Lecture 16

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University of Guelph
PSYC 3690
Benjamin Gottlieb

March 21, 2013 Community Mental Health Lecture 16 Analysis of Lazarus article on coping Important information Definition of coping:  Give a definition  Unpack the definition into the components o Process-oriented o Coping-oriented  Won’t be asked to give the definition of coping Coping as a process:  A process approach to coping has 3 main features o Observations and assessment are concerned with what the person actually thinks or does, in contrast to what the person usually does o What the person actually thinks or does is examined within a specific context o To speak of a coping process means to speak of change in coping thoughts and acts as a stressful encounter unfolds  Won’t have to give any examples Stages in the Coping Process:  Everything in the section on “stages in the coping process” are examples of stages for different kinds of stressors; won’t ask us about that  “We must be concerned about whether these stages are assumed to be invariant in sequence; one logically falls after the other, people spend the same amount of time at each stage” o Reasons:  “Clinically, one sees that the sequence can be variable”  “A stage model creates expectations in both the person and those involved with the person with respect to appropriate feelings and actions”; everyone is different when it comes to going through the stages The Multiple Functions of Coping:  “A coping function refers to the purpose a strategy serves; outcome refers to the effect a strategy has”  The 2 main purposes/goals of coping: o Regulate emotions o Deal with the stressor if it’s controllable  “Common to the coping functions described above is a distinction that we believe is of overriding importance, namely between coping that is directed at managing or altering the problem causing the distress and coping that is directed at regulating emotional response to the problem. We refer to the former as problem-focused coping and the latter as emotion-focused coping.”  Last paragraph – controllability issue Emotion-Focused Forms of Coping:  “A wide range of emotion-focused forms of coping is
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