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Reading 2Defining Mental Retardation A Matter of Life or Death y Recently the Supreme Court ruled against the execution of convicted murderers with mental retardation y The question of who has mental retardation has been raisedThe mental retardation community has accepted the criteria of IQ and adaptive behaviour scores but this has not found to be satisfactory y This paper proposes a total quotient TQ that combines both IQ and adaptive behaviour scores y The extent to which the use of adaptive behaviour scores and TQ improves the diagnosis of mental retardation would make the courts decisions more accurate and fair y IQ is being brought back to decide the fate of convicted murderers y The court and many other associations have pointed out that high stake decisions never should be made on the basis of a single test scoreThe main question has been to what extent other criteria should be used to diagnose mental retardation y Adaptive behaviour was introduced as a definitional component of mental retardation but there were two drawbacksDivergentconvergent validity criterionit is impossible to have bothWhen both IQ and adaptive behaviour are imposed as j
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